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BATTERY 2030+ Young Scientist Event

The BATTERY 2030+ community is calling young scientists to apply for this workshop taking place across four European cities simultaneously!

The young scientist event aims to engage young scientists (within 7 years after Ph.D.) to express their ideas about the future battery research landscape by providing input on the BATTERY 2030+ roadmap and curricula. The scientists will be selected in order to gather a wide range of experience and competences, both within and outside the battery field. Gender equality will be taken into consideration.

The event is organised for young scientists and will be held at 4 Universities in Europe defined by their geographic position (e.g. POLITO Politecnico di Torino, UU Uppsala University, VUB Vrije Universiteit Brussel, WUT Warsaw University of Technology). All universities will be connected via a live web connection to allow open discussion. Together the new generation of scientists will share new innovative ideas and collaborate on future research efforts.

The young scientists of different expertise will sit around tables to discuss the future outlook of the European battery research and expectations. The goal is to produce a Manifesto for batteries of the future by the new generation of scientists in Europe.

The BATTERY 2030+ community is looking for people of different expertise, i.e. battery experts, engineers, chemists, physicians, economists, doctors in medicine, people with all humanistic specialisations, etc.

The participation is at the expenses of the participants (travels and hotel).

The selection of the participants are done by the organisers: 

To apply please fill in the form online here.


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