Battery Innovation Centre

Advanced technology development

MOBI’s Battery Innovation Centre is the main Belgian expertise centre for research and development of energy storage systems for traction and stationary applications. It offers state-of-the-art facilities, tools and solutions for the energy storage systems market.

Cutting edge storage Research & Development

Energy Storage Systems (ESS) present key challenges for clean and energy efficient systems such as electric and hybrid propulsion systems. The Battery Innovation Centre develops dedicated battery, hybrid capacitor and supercapacitor models, battery management systems, thermal management systems and dedicated state estimation techniques (State-of-Charge, State-of-Health and State-of-Function indicators).

This expertise is based on in-depth experimental analysis. As such, we make an active contribution to international standardization, facilitating ESS benchmarking. Our extensive database of experimental results also enables more advanced modelling and benchmarking from ESS material to system levels.

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Research Areas

state of charge estimation

The research done within the Battery Innovation Centre covers a wide variety of topics such as characterization, simulation and prototyping from small cell to large pack level. This includes but is not limited to: 

  • The development of next-generation battery technologies such as solid state, Li-sulfur, etc.
  •  Battery cell fabrication and process optimization focused on solid-state batteries
  •  Mathematical modelling
    • Continuum electrochemical modelling
    • Electrical modelling
    • Thermal modelling
    • Lifetime prediction modelling
    • Fabrication process modelling
  • State estimation (state-of-charge and state-of-health)
  • Non-linear parameter estimation techniques
  • Ageing prediction and degradation mechanism detection
  • Control strategies for battery management systems
  • Development and prototyping thermal management systems
  • Battery sizing strategy
  • Evaluation of second life batteries
  • Standardisations

For a detailed overview of our research activities, please look here.


The Battery Innovation Centre owns and operates the largest Belgian battery testing capacity:

  • More than 300 channels
  • 12 climate chambers
  • 42 impedance spectroscopy channels
  • Thermal imaging equipment
  • Argon Glove Box for Post-Mortem Analysis
  • Pilot line for making next-generation battery cells
  • Dry Room -60°C dew point
  • Thermal management platform
  • In-Situ XRD of battery cells

battery testing temperature chambersIn Situ XRD 





For a detailed overview, please visit the Battery Innovation Centre Infrastructure-page.

Strategic partnerships

Our Battery Innovation Centre is regularly placed at the disposal of organizations and private companies for testing, simulation, prototyping and proof-of-concept. Being located in the centre of Brussels, we foster important opportunities for synergies and partnerships. At the same time, we create a positive environment for collaboration with the industry. Contact us if you want to become our partner.

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