• September 28, 2018

MOBI is part of the consortium of the BE-HAVE project which is being launched on 1 October.

The BE-HAVE project is a collaboration between several research groups of the VUB (TOR, MOBI, imec-SMIT, ARCH and BEPR) led by Research Group TOR. The aim of the project is to set up a research panel to collect active (e.g. what activities are people doing at the moment) and passive data (from sensors and wearable devices) about the behaviour of respondents (e.g. travel behaviour, sports activities, time use etc.). The BE-HAVE research panel is an extension of the MOTUS software platform, as it facilitates the steady inflow of passive and active registered behavioural data into an open data warehouse, specifically designed to build up a panel, and interact and communicate with the individual panel members. This will make a significant difference in multidisciplinary research on daily human conduct and result in a unique research panel in Belgium.

The role of MOBI in the project is to test the platform and the panel for mobility research to study travel behaviour and monitor transport interventions (e.g. pedestrian zones, traffic restrictions) on actual behaviour. The project is running for four years.