Bootcamp: Air quality (Dutch only)

The VUB strongly focuses on problem-driven and solution-oriented socially relevant research into air quality. Several citizens’ initiatives are mobilizing simultaneously, and successfully, for clean air in the city. In order to stimulate the multidisciplinary cross-fertilization between researchers and citizens’ initiatives, we organize a bootcamp on the theme of air quality on the 19th of September. What do we know about the air we breathe? What kind of expertise and data does the VUB have? What can we do as a committed citizen ourselves? How can citizens’ initiatives and scientific research reinforce each other? What is the impact at policy level? What do we expect from each other?
An answer will be given to these and other questions during this bootcamp, in order to increase the support for air quality together and to encourage policy makers to take action.

This bootcamp is organised by Crosstalks in cooperation with MOBI. 


Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering campus
Jacqueslaan 271
1050 Elsene