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Business modelling

Not all innovations are commercially viable. All stakeholders involved in the value chain and the wider business ecosystem surrounding the innovation must see a valuable proposition within the innovation. Our business modelling team assesses the business potential and the challenges of specific innovations. Typical steps in assessing innovations include:

  • Sketching the business ecosystem and assessing its expected evolution, i.e. identifying the different stakeholders involved in the product’s value chain and the wider innovation ecosystem. 
  • Assessing the role of standards in the deployment of innovations
  • Identifying the performance criteria of the users, i.e. those elements that are determining in the decision-making process of the users. And judging whether the innovation offers a significant improvement on these criteria.
  • Sketching the project roll-out and roadmaps, to assess project costs and complexity and identify possible hurdles in the implementation.

Often the business modelling activities are part of a wider project, in which technical and other (legal, infrastructural, business, …) aspects of innovations are mapped out. We boast ourselves on the ability to tackle all these aspects within one team, so don't hesitate to contact us.

Business Modelling