Call for papers – Cluster 3: Logistics and Freight

  • October 22, 2018

Call for papers “The Logistics of Living in Cities”


Goods movement is an essential function of cities, delivering food, health supplies, clothing, and other products, as well as removing waste and recycling.  In fact, in less car dependent cities, residents may rely more heavily on goods distribution, than in cities where most residents have access to vehicles.

Changes in shopping and eating habits are changing the nature of goods movement in cities, as residents rely more heavily on food delivery services, and online shopping.

However, goods delivery vehicles tend to be large and heavy, and often have more significant emissions profiles.  How can we satisfy resident’s needs and desires, while maintaining an open and happy city?

Topics of interest

Along these lines, we call for papers on “The Logistics of Living in Cities”.  We welcome papers that address the balance of efficient and economical goods movement that can meet customer needs, and resident’s desires.  Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Growing markets for on-demand and crowd-source delivery
  • Transportation impacts from e-commerce
  • Approaches to creating and incentivizing delivery nodes
  • Modes and operations for improving the final fifty feet
  • Innovative governance approaches

Deadline for abstract submission: January 21, 2019. Submit your abstract electronically, using the form available on the Conference website:

Also sent a copy of the abstract to prof. dr. Cathy Macharis(

Criteria for acceptance: scope, scientific quality and NECTAR membership. Authors of selected abstracts are invited to submit an extended abstract (1000 words) before April 30. The extended abstracts will be published on the conference page of the NECTAR website, accessible to NECTAR members only. The number of participants of this thematic cluster session will be limited to 8.

Cluster 3 organizers:

Sandra Melo, Instituto Superior Técnico de Lisboa, Portugal

Johan Woxenius, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Anne Goodchild, University of Washington, USA

Cathy Macharis, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium


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