Chair – Transitioning Belgian companies into Circularity

  • September 5, 2018

A recent collaboration between the VUB and the ULB has resulted in a new chair called Transitioning Belgian companies into circularity. The main objective of this chair is to contribute to the transition of companies to circular economy. This transition will be achieved due to the scientific framework studied by this chair.

The chair will study a multidimensional evaluation framework of the opportunities of circular economy for enterprises and develop a set of criteria and strategies for companies to review their products and services in order to better integrate them into circular economy.

Therefore the chair will:

  1. Select 10 companies to discuss the evaluation method and the transition framework towards circular economy. These will be developed and applied in 3 companies selected for further guidance in a case study.
  2. Organize 3 seminars to present the project and the instruments studied.
  3. Integrate her findings in publications and if necessary in other media, and in different course materials.

Chair holders are prof. Cathy Macharis (VUB) and prof. Wouter Achten (VUB).