Circular Economy: What can cities, companies & citizens do?

The research chair ‘Transitioning Belgian companies into Circularity’ of VUB and ULB, promoted by FEB is happy to invite you to the first interactive seminar ‘What can cities, companies and citizens do?’

Circular economy has become an increasingly common term when speaking about sustainability and the green economy. Yet, a clear path to this transition, that takes into account the needs of various stakeholders, and enables different industries to collaborate to find common solutions, has yet to be established.

Working to create a path towards this transition by transforming challenges into opportunities, the research chair ‘Transitioning Belgian companies into Circularity’ works with companies to develop tools that help them innovate by collaborating.

During ‘What can cities, companies and citizens do?’, the first in a series of seminars, the goals are to lay out what circular economy is, the advantages it brings to citizens, cities and companies and to invite companies to join us and connect during and after the event. This will help us to understand the various obstacles faced by different actors, and to identify potential solutions through collaboration.

The complete program can be found here.


Victor Horta room, FEB
ravenstein 4
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