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Co-design and impact assessment of a car-free school street zone in Anderlecht

  • May 17, 2021

The MOBI urban mobility team is developing and testing a school street zone in the Brussels municipality of Anderlecht. A school street is a temporary closure of a street next to a school entrance to minimize traffic during the pick-up and drop-off of students.

The aim of this project is to develop a methodology for the co-design of a school street zone that takes into account the needs and priorities of all affected stakeholders. The stakeholders include schools and schoolchildren, parents, teachers, and local residents, as well as public transport operators, municipality, police and local businesses. In addition, a methodology will be developed to monitor the impact of the school street district on traffic, safety, conditions and use of public space and parking. The methodology will be tested and evaluated in a pilot project, where a school street zone with multiple participating schools will be established in the Vogelenzang neighbourhood in Anderlecht.

Before and during the implemantation of the school street, surveys will be used to collect children's, parent's, teachers', and residents' support and concerns for the school street. We will organize workshops to discuss traffic safety and the setup of the school street zone. To evaluate what the impact will be on the street adjacent to the school street zones, we will also have traffic simulation before the start of the school street zone. To monitor the impact of the school street, Telraams will be used by residents to count the number of vehicles passing through different streets, and to count their speed.

This project started in May 2021 and wiill end in April 2022. It has been financed by the Brussels Capital Region. For more information about the project, contact Jesse Pappers.