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Conference MOBRU project

Mobility in and around Brussels can no longer be ignored from current events. The MOBRU project investigates mobility in the Brussels metropolitan area with the participation of two Brussels research groups: MOBI (VUB) and IGEAT (ULB).

Since the beginning of 2015, the MOBRU project has been examining mobility in the Brussels metropolitan region within the framework of the anticipation program and with financial support from INNOVIRIS.

The research aims at a critical analysis of mobility in a metropolitan context and of the management structure. Another objective is to develop instruments that support decision-making on the basis of concrete mobility issues.

Mobility remains a hot topic when it comes to Brussels as a metropolitan region. Every day hundreds of thousands of people travel to and from Brussels, mostly by car. This leads to problems in the areas of traffic, spatial planning, the environment, economy and politics. Moreover, metropolitan cooperation is needed for various projects, including the GEN, but also the Brussels approach roads, the widening of the Ring, interregional cycle paths and the BrabantNet of De Lijn.

Two researchers of the project, Geert te Boveldt, researcher at the research group MOBI (VUB) and Mathieu Strale, researcher at IGEAT (ULB) will present their results on Tuesday the 25th of September.

Why does it seem like nothing happens in the field of metropolitan mobility? What is a good strategy to reduce traffic pressure in favor of public transport and active modes? How can we organize interregional participation? After a critical introduction to some metropolitan mobility and governance issues, they will tackle a specific case: the approach road E411 and the Herrmann-Debroux viaduct.


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