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Critical Mass Brussels

On the 28th of February the Critical Mass in Brussels will take place again. We gather up at Troonplein!

The Critical Mass is a collective bike ride, not a political demonstration. 

Rules during the Critical Mass:

  • We do not display any political message, other than our means of transportation;
  • Participants take full responsibility of their behaviour and the planet's destiny;
  • Participants respect traffic laws and ensure the safety of all participants;
  • They secure the crossroads to prevent motorists from mingling with the mass and putting its participants in danger;
  • Ambulances, police and trams pass;
  • We are kind to others and respect more vulnerable road users;
  • We don't block traffic. We are traffic;
  • We use only kisses and scientific arguments to solve conflicts.


1050 Brussels
28 February 2020 from 18:00 to 21:00 Add to personal calendar

Organised by Critical Mass Brussels