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picture of ali mohammadi - fellow of mobi

Dr. Ali Mohammadi

Senior Manager at Toyota Europe, Fellow


I think VUB has tremendous potential to improve future society by training students and carrying out academic projects. My vision is to contribute to this by offering VUB students good training through our joint programme and European projects, internships and so on. In addition, I wish to align university activities towards future social needs by sharing my understanding of the future

Ali Mohammadi is a Belgian-Iranian senior researcher. In 1999, he gained a PhD in
Mechanical Engineering from Tokushima University in Japan. He was a professor
at Tokushima and Kyoto University for seven years, after which he joined Toyota
Motor Europe in 2006, where he is now the senior manager in charge of advanced
developments of future powertrains and long-term planning. Having both an
academic and an industrial background, he is leading powertrain developments for
future sustainable mobility, emphasising the importance of minimising greenhouse
gas emissions and pollutants. He is involved in several university collaborations,
including with VUB. He is also an expert in the framework of the Horizon 2020
programme and has published almost 100 academic articles focusing on
sustainable mobility.