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Luis Camargo Ramirez

Dr. Luis Ramirez Camargo

Senior researcher


Dr. Luis Ramirez Camargo is a senior researcher at the MOBI research Centre of the Vrije Universiteit Brussels. He joined the sustainable energy communities research group (EVERGI) in 2020 to manage the ICON project MAMUET as well as the development of the group’s optimization framework for design and operation of multi-energy microgrids. He also participates in multiple of the Horizon 2020 projects of the group including Renaissance and Interconnect.

Before joining EVERGI He was conducting transdisciplinary work and leading international research projects in the energy field at research institutions in Germany and Austria for seven years.  His collaboration network spans through most part of Europe and the Americas and considerable part of his career has been devoted to projects addressing the energy transition of the global south. Luis completed his PhD with honors at the University of Natural Resources and Life Science, Vienna, Austria (BOKU) in April 2017.

His research areas include integrated spatial and energy planning, energy meteorology, renewable energies, spatiotemporal modelling and geographic information systems. He is interested in energy communities and the global scalability of high resolution spatiotemporal models for renewable energies and renewable fuels development. 


Pleinlaan 2
1050 Brussels