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MD Sazzad Hosen LR MD Sazzad Hosen LR

Dr. Md Sazzad Hosen

Senior researcher
+32 2 629 28 38


Sazzad Hosen is a mechanical graduate who received his M.Sc. degree in Power Engineering. He is working on the battery energy storage system aging and electrical behavior analysis for several years since his graduation. Apart from that, Sazzad also worked on energy and battery-related projects with Continental AG and Johnson Controls Power Solutions. Sazzad obtained his doctoral degree working extensively on the Li-ion battery aging characterization, advanced lifetime model development, and simulation. He has been part of and led several EU, national and industrial projects during his Ph.D. Currently, he works as a senior researcher in the Battery Innovation Centre of MOBI managing the state-of-the-art lab facilities and battery projects. His research interests include battery characterization, aging, modeling, and simulation, physical-chemical degradation, etc. to accelerate battery development.


Pleinlaan 2
1050 Brussels