Electric & Autonomous Vehicles

MOBI has a long track record in the field of electric vehicles, which is now expanding to include research into autonomous vehicles. We are internationally recognized for our vast experience and expertise related to vehicle powertrain design, battery research, environmental assessments, socio-economic evaluations and standardization.

Expertise in clean and energy-efficient vehicles

The assessment, design and optimisation of electric powertrains represent a major pillar of MOBI’s expertise in the field of clean and energy-efficient vehicles. Our dedicated test infrastructure and simulation platforms have proven to be essential assets in various collaborative projects with the industry and are reinforcing our leading position in the field of electromobility.

Design and optimisation

We have developed a highly-advanced simulation platform which allows for the detailed analysis and control of new electric powertrain concepts and their dynamic behaviour. Our simulation tools facilitate the modelling of electric propulsion systems in a wide variety of applications.

Holistic approach

Our holistic and multidisciplinary approach of e-mobility encompasses expert tools to assess the Total Cost of Ownership of a fleet, Environmental Life Cycle Assessment Analyses, and user preference analyses comparing electric and hybrid vehicles with other alternative and conventional vehicles. Dedicated GIS-based models have been developed to assess and design the intelligent roll-out of charging infrastructure. In addition, a simulation platform that optimally co-designs charging infrastructure and onboard batteries for heavy-duty vehicles has been developed.

Electric vehicles test infrastructure

We have in-house infrastructure to test electric vehicles. Our infrastructure consists of on-road measurement equipment for dynamic vehicle monitoring, as well as a vehicle dyno-roller test bench. Additionally, we have some self-build electric vehicles and a number of production electric and hybrid vehicles. Find out all about our test infrastructure here.


picture of electric vehicles


Autonomous vehicles

The electrification of vehicles currently develops simultaneously with the automation of vehicles. We lead a strategic research program on autonomous mobility and logistics. We study user acceptance of the technology in combination with behavioural change. We use an agent-based simulation model to assess the effects of automation on the transport system and evaluate the multiple impacts on society, from a multi-stakeholder and multi-criteria perspective. Our expertise is both theoretical (model development) and empirical, with our own shuttle project on the university campus.

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