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Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology and Reliability Test Infrastructure


We have in-house infrastructure to test electric and hybrid electric vehicles. Our infrastructure consists of measurement equipment for vehicles and vehicles monitoring, as well as a vehicle dyno-roller bench. Additionally, we have some self-built electric vehicles and a number of production electric and hybrid vehicles. 

The measurement equipment can be used for detailed roller bench and on-road testing of vehicles while GPS and CAN-based data-loggers can be used for vehicle and fleet monitoring. The available electric and hybrid vehicles and their historical data can be used for performance and behaviour benchmarking. We also have a collection of chargers (fast, semi-fast, slow) that enables the use and testing of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles in a wide range of use cases.


Moreover, the planned Power Electronis Reliability Lab (PERL) aims to identify, characterize, perform accelerated lifetime testing (ALT) and reliability assessments of various power electronics (PE) converters & components, including power semiconductor switches (i.e., Si, SiC and GaN), diodes, heatsinks, gate drivers, controllers, and battery management systems to name a few. PERL facilities with state-of-the-art infrastructure to systematically perform accelerated lifetime testing (ALT) on power electronics converters/components according to real-life mission profiles and bring a systematic approach to use ALT in component and subsystem reliability characterization. PERL’s features and services are:

  • Contemporaneous testing of up to 12 IGBT, Diode or MOSFET (6 half-bridge power modules);
  • Temperature cycling tests on the PE device/heatsink setup in Tmin/Tmax=-40/+125oC ;
  • Thermal impedance studies of semiconductors (1200V/1700V, 300A);
  • Accelerated lifetime testing up to 1200A load current;
  • Powered tests on power electronics systems and their control systems, the power is limited by the available power supply (up to 250 kW).

Vehicle Technology Tests - Technical specifications


Charging infrastructure E&AV

  • Vehicle dyno-roll bench (200km/h)
    • Up to 100 kW
    • Automated ONE-axis vehicle roll bench
  • Automated test bench for electric two-wheelers
  • 2 mobile data –acquisition systems for on-road testing of vehicles (CompactRio)
  • 200 GPS-based vehicle data-loggers
  • Datron speed measurement device
  • 2 Electric Vehicles (Nissan Leaf and BMW i3-Rex)
  • 2 Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (Volvo V60 and Mitsubishi Outlander)
  • 4 e-Karts
  • 1 Formula Race Electric Car
  • 20 public plugs (mode 1, 2 and 3)
    • 2 - 3.6kW AC
    • 7kW AC
    • 22kW AC
  • 2 indoor charge boxes (mode 3)
  • 1 fast charger (mode 4)
    • 50kW CHAdeMO
Vehicle lab

What do we offer?

We offer our expertise in testing of electric and hybrid vehicles with roller bench and on-road tests and vehicle fleet monitoring. The infrastructure and equipment at our disposal allow to apply our expertise and make comprehensive assessments of the vehicles, its performance and behaviour.

Would you like to work with us? We are happy to listen to your case and find the best solution. We offer hands-on and analytical consultancy in our research fields.

Interested? Got questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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