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Electrifying the curb: Smart parking & charging

A happy marriage between charging infrastructure and parking - is it possible? In the online event 'Electrifying the curb: Smart parking & charging' they will explore how e-mobility can be integrated into parking policies from different perspectives. How do city authorities see this development, considering that the public space has to be respected and visual pollution minimized?

How can this improve the experience of current and future EV drivers? And what is the response of charging operators and parking managers? Join the online event to hear and find out!


  • Sabina Asanova (Polis)
  • Theo Thuis (Q-Park - Corporate Office)
  • Lieselot Vanhaverbeke (MOBI-VUB)
  • Arne Richters (Allego)
  • Jonas Eriksson (Gothenburg City Parking Company)