EVS 31

The 31st International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition will be held from September 30 to October 3 at the Kobe Convention Center located in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture. EVS is the world’s largest international symposium and exhibition for all fields related to electric vehicles, such as battery electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles. Several of our researchers will present their results at this symposium.

On Monday 1st of October the following researchers will present:

  • Lysander De Sutter: Characterization & concept validation of lithium-ion batteries in automotive applications by load spectrum analysis
  • Shovon Goutam:12V BIND Battery: Simple and Effective Hybrid Battery Technology for Advanced Idling Reduction System
  • Duong Tran: Economics of electric vehicles for city logistics
  • Omid Rahbari: Novel Approach for Determining a Sufficient Hydrogen Refueling Station Network
  • Dr. Cedric De Cauwer: SUN2WHEEL: An Autarchic Concept for EV Charging – A Business Case for Private and Company Customers
  • MD Sazzad Hosen: Thermal effect of fast-charging profiles on lithium-ion batteries
  • Dr. Joris Jaguemont: Evaluation Method of Battery State of Aging Based on Polarization Voltage

On Tuesday 2nd of October the following researchers will present:

  • Yi Li: Basic Research about Cooling Technology for Sealed-Type Battery Pack
  • Prof. dr. Omar Hegazy: EV Accelerator Cities Leading the Charge in the U.S.
  • Prof. dr. Thierry Coosemans: Transportation for All
  • Yassine Benômar: Demystifying rare earths supply as an enabler of synchronous magnet motor adoption
  • Theodoros Kalogiannis: New Tank Volume Estimation Method for Hydrogen Fueling
  • Benedetta Marmiroli: The Life Cycle Energy Use and CO2 Emission Impact Assessment of Electro-Mobility of 2050 China

More information about EVS 31 can be found on the events website.

From 30 September at 8:00 to 3 October at 18:00 Add to personal calendar