Sustainable mobility is a core concern for all industrial players and public authorities. It affects both our lifestyles and our economy, as well as facing major changes, such as electrification, connectivity and driverless vehicles. To prepare for these changes, it is essential to fully understand how new technology will be used in future mobility, together with the related business models and issues surrounding social acceptability.

EVS (Electric Vehicles Symposium) is the leading international event to address all these issues. The various components of electric mobility will be on display; from markets to vehicle battery technology (hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell); from motorcycles to trucks, and from charging facilities to related services and public policy.

MOBI’s team will, of course, be there as well! Several of our researchers will present their paper:

  • Majid VafaeipourOptimized energy management for a HEV equipped with an electrical variable transmission system
  • Mahdi Soltani & Tom TurcksinSuper capacitor electrical and lifetime model development for low frequency current applications
  • Sajib ChakrabortyScalable and accurate modelling of a WBG-based bidirectional DC/DC converter for electric drivetrains
  • Nikolaas Van den SteenCan speed pedelecs really fulfil the mobility needs of daily commuters?
  • Maitane BerecibarBattery health estimation in a vehicle-to-grid scenario
  • Anas SyedLife cycle assessment of electrification of heavy-duty vehicle
  • Maeva PhilippotWater footprint of the manufacturing of a traction lithium ion battery pack
  • Boud VerbruggeDevelopment of an energy managing strategy and sizing algorithm for a nanogrid parking lot for electric vehicles
  • Quentin De ClerckAgent-based model for electric vehicle adoption in Brussels
  • Duong TranCo-design approach and optimization for plug-in hybrid buses
  • Philippe LebeauImpact of increasing diesel prices: Will electric vehicles become an economic solution for freight transport?
  • Mohamed El BaghdadiEnergy management control for electric drivetrains with multiple energy storage units
  • Tom TurcksinBattery weight optimization for hovering aircraft
  • Peter Van den BosscheConductive charging of electric vehicles: Developments at the low and high end of the power spectrum
From 19 May at 9:00 to 22 May at 18:00 Add to personal calendar