Final Conference CIVIC

From vision, through construction, to transport solutions for future dense cities. Exciting results from the CIVIC (Construction In Vicinities: Innovative Co-creation) project will be presented at the final event in Gothenburg on 19th of June. More information can be found here.

Cities face the challenge to adapt to changing capacity in a complex environment. Construction is required to create more attractive, sustainable and economically viable urban areas. However, transportation of construction related goods and personnel causes several negative impacts (emissions, noise, congestion,…). CIVIC (Construction In Vicinities: Innovative Co-creation) is a two and a half-year ERANET funded project that facilitates and supports transport to, from and around urban construction sites that minimises disruptions in the surrounding community and optimises energy efficiency. This is done by 1) evaluation of alternative measures in a multi-actor participatory setting; 2) optimisation models for planning and impact assessment using smart data; and 3) development of smart governance concepts for successful and efficient implementation of these tools. Now that the project is reaching its conclusion, the results will be presented at a joint conference with the DenCity project in Gothenburg on 19th of June. Come and join us in Gotheborg!