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Francqui Chair lecture: Decision support for sustainability

The Francqui Chair conferences continues. After Cathy Macharis' inaugural conference on Sustainable Mobility and Logistics and her presentation on Sustainability in Education as part of the launch of the Ernest Learning Lab, Cathy will talk about 'Decision Support for Sustainability' on April 19, and the role of emotions and intentions in her talk on 'The Inconvenient truth revisited' on April 28.

In striving towards sustainability, complex situations require the right decisions to achieve certain, often long-term, targets. We are speaking about products, processes and various other activities that are subject of any assessment witht he aim to achieve a decision that contributes positively to sustainable development. A decision process itself can show complexity as it consists of several phases - elicitation, evaluation and ensuring - and mostly includes various stakeholders with different views and objectives. In this lecture we will give an overview of methods and tools that can help to support decision-making for a more sustainable world. These can be 'hard' methods which are mostly quantitative and directly applicable or 'soft' methods which are rather qualitative or a mix of both and can serve as guidance mainly throughout the elicitation of a decision process.


ULB - DC2.206
Franklin Rooseveltlaan 50
1050 Brussel
19 April 2022 from 10:00 to 12:00 Add to personal calendar

Organised by Francqui Chair - ULB