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Francqui Chair lecture: The inconvenient truth revisited - RSAEM seminar

The Francqui Chair conferences continues. After Cathy Macharis' inaugural conference on Sustainable Mobility and Logistics and her presentation on Sustainability in Education as part of the launch of the Ernest Learning Lab, Cathy will talk about 'Decision Support for Sustainability' on April 19, and the role of emotions and intentions in her talk on 'The Inconvenient truth revisited' on April 28.

Scientific research is very much oriented towards what can be seen, observed, measured to distinguish the truth. But next to this traditional knowledge there are other forms of knowledge such as the intuitive and instinctive ones. The most important aspects of reality, that what comes before the material things are not enough taken into account, namely our feelings and intentions, hope, insecurity, etc. They are all fundamentally unmeasurable. While the earth is warming, and we know it to be true, we do not manage to act according to it. In this lecture Cathy Macharis argues that we need to go beyond what is measurable to make a change. Can we come to an alignment of scientific knowledge and that what touches people?


Franklin Rooseveltlaan 50
1050 Brussel