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BIC homepageThe Battery Innovation Centre owns and operates the largest Belgian battery testing capacity:

  • More than 300 channels
  • 12 climate chambers
  • 42 impedance spectroscopy channels
  • Thermal imaging equipment
  • Thermal management platform
  • Argon Glove Box for Post-Mortem Analysis
  • In-situ XRD of battery cells
  • Dry room -60°C dew point
  • Pilot line for making next-generation battery cells
Poonam working with the glove box
Poonam Yadav working with the glove box
tabel lab equipment
Lysander working with climate chamber
Lysander De Sutter working with climate chamber
Lab equipment BIC 4

Poonam Yadav started her PhD in Engineering Science at MOBI, Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Her work focuses on Fabrication, Characterization and modelling of Solid State Li-ion Batteries.


"At MOBI we have a very high tech lab with all facilities available to test novel materials for future high performing batteries. We can fabricate the batteries in inert atmosphere Glove box/Dry room and test the batteries with the help of more than 100 testing channels available in our lab. It is also possible to test the batteries at different temperature conditions with the help of climate chambers."













Lysander De Sutter is pursuing a PhD in Engineering at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Energy Technology (ETEC) at VUB. His research is focused on the mechanical and electrical behavior of next generation battery technologies, specifically Li-ion batteries with Silicon anodes. 


"Safety is an issue that needs to be tackled and carefully studied on batteries. At the battery team we do the needed testing, modelling and validation in order to assure safety within the better performance for an specific application."