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InterConnect Webinar Series #5 How to manage innovation across Europe - Orchestrating Innovation

The fifth webinar will be on the topic of Open Innovation, specifically about managing public-private innovation from early research to mission impact, across Europe. Frank Berkers, Virag Szijjaro and Maurits Butter from TNO, will be introducing and discussing related topics with another guest on Wednesday, July 21 at 2 pm (CEST).

About the webinar

More and more innovations are taking place in open innovation settings in which public and private organizations collaborate to create innovations that address societal missions. Different ways of organizing are visible in practice, from technical lab, campus, cluster, valley, field lab, living lab to innovation hubs.

In this webinar, we will discuss the essentials of the business models and approaches behind innovation hubs. Since 2014 TNO, the largest Dutch RTO, has been driving its strategic iniative called Orchestration Innovation. This has become an open education program and a community of innovation orcherstrators, running several large scale public private innovation centers. In parallel, the European Commission has been supporting the development of (Digital) Innovation Hubs (DIH) and networks of DIHs.

We will discuss the management of networks of Digital Innovation Hubs with Maurits Butter, scientif lead on many DIH networks and advisor to the EC. Furthermore, we will also discuss the implementation of Orchestrating Innovation in the InterConnect.


Frank Berkers (M) MSc is a senior scientist at TNO Strategic Business Analysis, where he is responsible for business modeling and value network analysis. He's founded TNO's strategic initiative Orchestring Innovation, which trains TNO's leaders of large open societal impact focused innovation hubs. He also developed several methods to support collaborative business modeling and analysis, including the Value Case Methodology. He participated in over 600 project initiatives since 2008. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. degree on 'strategic decision-making for business models'. Frank holds a master's degree in Econometrics/Operations Research from Maastricht University. Before joining TNO, he has held positions at ABN AMRO as marketing/consumer intelligence analyst and at market research agency SKIM as senior methodologist where he set up preferred supplierships with McKinsey and Monitor, in the field of computer-aided choice experiments.

Virag Szijjarto is a consultant at the Strategic Business Analysis department of TNO (the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research). She holds a master's degree in Innovation Management from Erasmus University, Rotterdam School of Management. Currently she focuses on multi-stakeholder innovation projects, digitization and ICT innovation, challenges regarding largescale data sharing initiatives and new business models for solutions in developing countries.

Maurits Butter (M) graduated from the faculty of chemical engineering at the Delft University of Technology. He started his career as an environmental consultant. In 1998 he joined TNO as senior advisor innovation policy. He is involved in the interface between technological innovation and policy, focusing on foresight studies and the non-technological aspects of technological innovation. He was the research leaders for the TNO research program on 'Renewal of Innovation' and now is an expert in the field of connecting froward looking information and policymaking. The EU approach of Policymaking 3.0 is one of its guiding principles. Today he participates in several high-profile forwardlooking projects, where science, technology, and innovation developments are put into a societal framework and assessed for strategic and policy-related actions. 


David Rua is a senior researcher at INESC TEC's Centre for Power and Energy Systems and currently responsible for the X-Energy Management Systems area, which is dedicated to the development of interoperable energy management solutions for buildings. David is also the project leader of InterConnect.