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Life Cycle Assessment

Translating sustainable opportunities into business realities

The MOBI research centre offers comprehensive support for decision makers from a wide cross-section of the industry and plays a vital role in developing their investment strategy.

We analyse your company's operations and supply chains and offer powerful insights into the economic, environmental and social impact of your products and services. In this way, we effectively bridge the knowledge gap.

More than that, however, we translate these sustainability insights into tangible opportunities that promote value creation within your company. We help create value by identifying opportunities for cost reductions in the value chain. On top of that, our expertise helps you sharpen your competitive edge with more efficient products and services that offer better market perspectives. All the while improving your corporate image as well.

Our unique framework

We develop our own Sustainability Evaluation Framework in order to identify and assess the opportunities available to your organisation. This framework enables robust decision-making by aggregating economic, environmental and social criteria. Quantitative key performance indicators are used to benchmark alternatives for your products and services from a full life-cycle system perspective. It enables the optimisation of processes from a different technical viewpoint, forcing one to think out of the box. Moreover, our comprehensive and accurate database of components and processes provides key support for strategic decision making.

Our expert team can intervene at different levels of your organisation from training up to the drafting of studies complete with detailed actions and ready-to-implement plans to drive positive change and create value. We also provide expertise at different stages of your product development in order to optimise economic, environmental and social outputs. Our benchmarking methods open doors to new markets for your products and services while expanding your customer base.

Your company benefits from our stewardship approach which guarantees an offer that is fully tailored to your specific needs. We have a full range of methods available to help companies improve their sustainability performance. Our team has expertise with Carbon and Water Footprinting, Life Cycle Assessment, Life Cycle Costs, Social Impact Analysis, External Costing.

Sectors such as the automotive and energy industries, railways and logistics, already actively employ our expertise. Belgian and international actors, such as Electrabel, BOSCH, Umicore and Volvo recognise the benefits of our LCA methodology in adding concrete value to their operations.

Life Cycle Assessment