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MOBI Seminar 2019 - Closing the gap in mobility: From objectives towards reality

The transport sector is facing huge challenges in the coming decades: Rising congestion every year, unresolved local emissions from transport and an ever increasing demand make it a challenge to tackle the impeding climate crisis. Still, concrete goals have been formulated and the direction is clear: we need to go for more awareness, avoidance of unnecessary kilometres, a shift towards the more active and environmentally friendly modes and an anticipation of new technologies! But how can we close the gap between where we are now and the goals that are put forward? 

The upcoming MOBI Seminar on November 14th, 2019 with the title ‘Closing the gap in mobility: from objectives towards reality’ will offer insights into the state-of-the-art in research and tackle three prominent themes which all struggle with the same question: How can we close the gap?

  • Towards an electric, connected and self-driving future

  • Towards a zero-emission city distribution

  • Towards the digitalization of the transport system

Discover our program below with a keynote by Olivier Vanden Eynde, CEO of Close the gap, Prof. Dr. Cathy Macharis on how to close the gap towards climate neutral transport, Prof. Lieselot Vanhaverbeke on how to close the gap towards autonomous, electric and connected mobility, Dr. Sara Verlinde on how to close the gap towards zero emission city distribution, Prof. Tias Guns on how to close the digitalization gap and closing remarks from Prof. Michael Browne, University of Gothenburg.

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A registration fee of 50€ applies and an invoice is possible.

Discover the detailed program:

Registration opens (13h00 - 13h30)

Opening plenary (13h30 - 14h30)

Session track 1: Towards an electric, connected and self-driving fleet (14h50 - 16h30)

Chair: An De Pauw (Electric and Low Emission Manager at D'Ieteren) 

Introduction by Prof. Lieselot Vanhaverbeke on "How to close the gap towards autonomous, electric and connected mobility?"

  • Integrating the connected and electrified fleet in a distributed and renewable energy system: hurdles, challenges and opportunities (Prof. Thierry Coosemans)
  • Virtual digital twin approaches for optimized interactions between electric vehicles and charging infrastructure (Dr. Mohamed El Bagdadi)
  • The batteries of the future (Dr. Maitane Bercibar)

Session track 2: Towards zero emission city distribution (14h50 - 16h30)

Chair: André Céron (Director Supply Chain Non-Food Colruyt Group/Dreamland)

Introduction by Dr. Sara Verlinde on "How to close the gap towards zero emission city distribution?"

  • The impact of construction logistics in the city: how to optimize by planning, consolidating and cooperating (Nicolas Brusselaers)
  • Addiction to vans in city logistics: is there a cure? (Prof. Dr. Philippe Lebeau)
  • Home delivery or purchase in-store? Importance of consumers in retail sustainability (Dr. Heleen Buldeo Rai)

Session track 3: Digitalization of the transport system (14h50 - 16h30)

Chair: Prof. Tias Guns

Introduction by Prof. Tias Guns on "How to close the digitalization gap?"

Closing plenary (16h30 - 17h30)

Reception (17h30 - 19h00)


Le Bouche à Oreille
Félix Hapstraat 11
1040 Brussels