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MOBI Seminar 2020 - The future mobility & logistics is like a foreign country: We will do things differently

For years, MOBI’s seminar is known for its unique way of approaching themes, its exchange of expertise, its fruitful networking and its interesting presentations and people.

This year we are taking the MOBI Seminar to a whole other level by turning it into a great virtual experience on the 24th of November. Our annual event’s new online format will enable participants to network, watch presentations, follow a workshop and exchange expertise safely from their own desks.

Our seminar is this year built around 5 virtual network sessions. Each of them consist of a one hour Q&A preceded by 3 short pitches of a few minutes as a teaser to open the discussion with our experts.
The 5 themes are:

  • Electric and Autonomous Vehicles
  • Sustainable Energy Communities 
  • Sustainable logistics
  • Urban Mobility 
  • The Batteries of the Future

In parallel with our MOBI seminar 2 focus sessions are planned: one on our LOOPER project and one on our MAMCA software. As every year we involve our students in our seminar. This year you will be able to watch their pitches of Hack MOBI on a dedicated platform. 

The participation is free of charge but registration is required. Once you have registered you will receive an invitation to the event platform (TEAMS) a few days before the event. Registrations are open until the 18th of November.

Get to know all of our speakers through this link.

Discover the detailed program:

Login opens (9h - 9h15)

Introduction (9h20 - 9h25)

Welcome speech by co-director of MOBI Joeri Van Mierlo


 Focus Sessions

Session Track 1: Electric & Autonomous Vehicles (9h30 - 10h20)

  • Introduction by Lieselot Vanhaverbeke (Professor MOBI)
  • Pitch by Thierry Geerts (Country Director Google Belgium)
  • Pitch by Dirk Torfs (CEO of Flanders Make)
  • Pitch Autonomous Vehicles: social-economic by Evy Rombaut  (Senior researcher MOBI)
  • Pitch AEV- the technology by Cedric De Cauwer (Senior researcher MOBI)
  • Pitch Bidirectional charging technologies with V2G capability by Omar Hegazy (Professor MOBI)
  • Q&A moderated by Lieselot Vanhaverbeke & Cedric De Cauwer
  • Conclusions by Lieselot Vanhaverbeke

Session Track 2: Sustainable Energy Communities (10h30 - 11h20)

  • Introduction by Thierry Coosemans (Professor MOBI)
  • Pitch by Frederik Loeckx (Managing Director Flux50)
  • Pitch Sustainable Energy Communities by Maarten Messagie (Professor MOBI)
  • Pitch Smart Charging Management Systems with Eco-charging feature of Vehicle Fleet by Boud Verbrugge (researcher MOBI)
  • Pitch Human centric lighting by Valery Jacobs (Professor MOBI)
  • Q&A moderated by Thierry Coosemans & Maarten Messagie
  • Conclusions by Thierry Coosemans










Focus Session: LOOPER New ways of involving people in transport planning – the Looper approach in Brussels (11h - 12h00)

Session Track 3: Sustainable Logistics (11h30 - 12h25)

  • Introduction by Philippe Lebeau (Professor MOBI)
  • Pitch by Renaud Sarrazin (Co-founder of Urbike)
  • Pitch Roadmap for logistics to meet climate goals by Koen Mommens (Professor MOBI)
  • Pitch Managing supply chain uncertainty via logistics models by Tomas Ambra  (Professor MOBI)
  • Pitch Understanding preferences for EEE collection services by Jean Mansuy (Researcher MOBI)
  • Pitch Shifting the last mile from vans to bicycles by Bart Cok (Researcher MOBI)
  • Q&A moderated by Philippe Lebeau & Koen Mommens
  • Conclusions by Philippe Lebeau 
  • Introduction by Imre Keserü (Acting co-director MOBI)
  • What is the Looper co-creation method and how can it empower people to improve their neighbourhood? by Jesse Pappers (Researcher MOBI) 
  • Looper in Brussels – Lessons learnt in the living labs by Florence Lepoudre (Project Manager BRAL) 
  • Panel discussion with local stakeholders: Adelheid Byttebier (alderwoman of mobility in Schaerbeek); Julie Bérard (project manager at sustainability transition NGO 21 Solutions); and Sophie Feyder (traffic safety and citizens association Heroes For Zero)
  • Conclusions by Imre Keseru





Lunch Break (12h30 -13h30)

Hack MOBI: How Might We? (12h30 -13h30)

  • 10 pitches provided by our SML Students
  • Room to interact and give feedback

Session Track 4: Urban Mobility (13h30 - 14h20)

  • Introduction by Imre Keserü (Acting co-director MOBI)
  • Pitch by Angelo Meuleman (Expert Shared and Connected Mobility at Taxistop)
  • Pitch by Chris Wuytens (Managing Director Acerta Consult)
  • Pitch Planning for the future of urban mobility: using participative scenario planning to design plausible future scenarios by Sara Tori (Researcher MOBI)
  • Pitch Digitalization of mobility: is it a barrier or driver for future inclusive and accessible mobility? by Hannes Delaere (Researcher MOBI)
  • Pitch Results survey ‘Impact of COVID 19 on mobility behaviour’ by Alice de Sejournet (Researcher MOBI)
  • Q&A moderated by Imre Keserü & Samyajit Basu
  • Conclusions by Imre Keserü

Focus session: MAMCA Workshop (13h30 - 14h50)

  • Introduction by Philippe Lebeau (Professor MOBI)
  • Pitch New mass participation feature of the MAMCA software by He Huang (Researcher MOBI)
  • MAMCA workshop by Shary Heuninckx (Researcher MOBI)
  • Conclusions by Geert te Boveldt (Senior reseracher MOBI)





Session Track 5: The Batteries of the Future (14h30 - 15h20)

  • Introduction by Maitane Berecibar (Senior researcher MOBI)
  • Pitch by Philippe Jacques (Managing Director EMIRI)
  • Pitch Integration of Smart functionalities in Batteries: Sensing and Self-Healing by Lysander De Sutter (Senior researcher MOBI)
  • Pitch And what about Second Life? by Maeva Philippot (Researcher MOBI)
  • New infrastructure: virtual tour through lab and dry room by Maitane Berecibar  
  • Q&A moderated by Maitane Berecibar & Lysander De Sutter
  • Conclusions by Maitane Berecibar

Conclusions of the day (15h30 - 15h35)

Words of thanks and conclusions by co-director of MOBI Cathy Macharis




Hack MOBI: How might we?

24 November 2020 from 9:00 to 15:30 Add to personal calendar

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