MOBI seminar: Towards sustainable mobility. Session Policy

  • November 29, 2018

This year’s MOBI seminar “Towards sustainable mobility: Technology, policy or behavioural approaches” offers you different points of view on how we can achieve sustainable mobility and logistics.

In the session “Policy” our researchers offer you a look at some alternative government policies on company cars and how to achieve CO2 reduction in freight transport. Next, two hot topics in Brussels: traffic safety in Schaarbeek and the Hermann-Debroux overpass. Last but not least, a closer look at clean technology assessment.

The sessions on policy will include:

  • Evaluation of alternative government policies on company cars using MAMCA, by Liesbeth De Wilde
  • How to achieve 2030 CO2 reduction targets in freight transport, by prof. dr. Tom van Lier
  • LOOPER: generating innovative traffic safety solutions with citizens in Schaarbeek, by Jesse Pappers
  • Demolishing the largest elevated highway in Brussels: a good idea? The case of the Hermann-Debroux overpass, by Geert te Boveldt
  • Clean technology assessment, by dr. Maarten Messagie

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