MOBI seminar: towards sustainable mobility. Session Technology

  • November 15, 2018

This year’s MOBI seminar “Towards sustainable mobility: Technology, policy or behavioural approaches” offers you different point of views on how we can achieve sustainable vehicle technology.

In the session “Technology” our researchers will tell you all about the latest on vehicle-to-grid, energy efficient power electronics and battery physics-based modelling. Want to know even more about batteries? No worries! You can find out what the future holds for second life batteries in a circular economy scenario and what the battery trends are on the European market.

The sessions on vehicle technology will include:

  • State prediction for second life batteries in a circular economy scenario, byMaitane Berecibar
  • V2G in micro grid, by dr. ir. Thierry Coosemans
  • Battery trends – cost and market overview – European needs for automotive applications, by dr. ir. Noshin Omar
  • Battery physics-based modeling – generic platform to develop and optimize battery materials, by Shovon Goutam
  • Energy efficient power electronics for drivetrains – advanced technologies for optimal design, by dr. ir. Omar Hegazy

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