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New H2020 project: iSTORMY

  • December 17, 2020

iSTORMY stands for “Interoperable, modular and Smart hybrid energy STORage systeM for stationarY applications”. It is a H2020 project with 12 partners, coordinated by VUB-MOBI. It started on the 1st of December 2020 and will run for 42 months

The demand for electricity is increasing, the grid needs to accommodate various new assets and storage is one of the key enabling technologies in this transition. To contribute to the energy transition the iSTORMY consortium will develop an innovative and interoperable hybrid stationary energy storage system based on a modular battery pack with modular power electronics interface and universal self-healing energy management strategy. The energy storage system will be developed in a way that allows for easy and fast integration and control. 

The hybridization will be achieved by different battery types or by using the same type with different capacities (first- and second- life). A smart modular solution will also be developed to integrate the cooling system. The modular power electronics interface will be based on SiC devices with high efficiency and Digital Twin modeling. The self-healing energy management will be ensured via machine learning and online algorithms, including the aging and thermal constraints for failure mechanisms. 

The developed iSTORMY Hybrid battery energy storage system will have increased lifetime, higher efficiency (up to 98%), reduced total cost of ownership with an electricity storage cost below 0,05€/kWh/cycle and it will be more sustainable compared to existing solutions. 

Partners: VUB-MOBI (BE – Coordinator: Prof. Omar Hegazy, Dr. Thomas Geury, Dr. Mohamed El Baghdadi), Powerdale (BE), CEGASA (SP), CEA (FR), MGEP (SP), Zigor (SP), EDF (FR), TNO (NL), PRODRIVE (NL), GreenWay (SK), AIT (AT), Uniresearch (NL).

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