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New release: 'Het kleine klimaatboek'

  • August 13, 2019

MOBI’s mission ‘Transitioning towards sustainable urban mobility’, is one the chapters in the new released book: ‘Het kleine klimaatboek’. This chapter is based on the expertise of prof. dr. Cathy Macharis, head of MOBI. With an accessible and down-to-earth view the climate issue is explained: what is going on, why action must be taken and how that should be done. 

The editor of the book is Gustaaf Cornelis, a philosopher in science at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. He edited the book on basis of texts that experts wrote in response to the ‘Climate lesson marathon’. This event was organized on the 20thof March this year with the aim of strengthen the climate mandate and to inform young people and professionals even more about climate solutions. During this marathon pupils were lectured for 12 hours by climate and other experts. One of the experts was prof. dr. Cathy Macharis. On the following link you can find the presentation of Cathy Macharis where she highlights the importance of making mobility and transport more sustainable:

You can order the book on: