Power electronics and machines infrastructure

in wheel testerIn our power electronics and machines test lab, we test stationary and automotive power electronics modules, subsystems and converters and electrical machines.

Additionally, we test on- and off-board charging infrastructure and plug-in electric vehicles. For this, we use our vehicle (charging) test rigs, vehicle and charging emulators and all standardized communication protocols. Our bidirectional testers are suitable for grid-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-grid operation.

We have a fully equipped (power, control, data management, cooling) in-wheel-motor test rig connected to a load machine (motor-generator setup), with the capability and plans to extend it to a full vehicle synchronized multi-actuator in-wheel motors test bed.

Technical specifications

Automotive specific focus

Power Electronics 1Power electronics 2


Lab infrastructure

  1. 3x 380V+N, 1200Apower electronics grid

  2. Integrated Converter ( VSC and charger): 200 A, 600 V

  3. Multichannel DC/DC converter: 300 A, 500 V

  4. DC-DC converter: 0~690V, 300A

  5. DC-DC converter: 0~1200V, 300A

  6. DC-DC converter: 0~1200V, 346A

  7. AC-DC converter: 0~690V, 3x300A

  8. 0~+/- 250Vdc, 120A

  9. 0~+/- 500Vdc, 500A

  10. 0~500Vdc, 250A

  11. 3x 0~500V/600V + N, 180A

  12. 3x 0~400V +N, 225A

  13. Multiport converter based on SiC technology: 60kW (120kW max power)

High-precision lab equipment sic power electronics

  1. 21 multichannel (4) scopemeters (up to 1000V°
  2. 10 dual channel power meters (600V, 10A)
  3. 9 Torque transducers (0-500 Nm/0-2000rpm and 0-2000Nm/0-4000rpm)
  4. 130 (High) voltage and current sensors (up to 1000A and 40kV)
  5. 24 CH Logic analyser
  6. Real Time Platforms
    1. 2 DSPACE MicroLabBox Platform up to 2GHz for real-time models and controller.
    2. 15 DSP platforms up to 150MHz

What do we offer?

  • We offer our infrastructure for all kinds of power electronics, electrical machines and automotive tests:
  • Power, power quality, performance, multi-channel data-acquisition
  • Electrical machines performance testing
  • Wide operating range power electronics and electrical machines testing up to 350kW/600V
  • Modelling and control design of power electronics and machine control systems with a co-design approach (integrated sizing & control)
  • Automotive charging and charging infrastructure testing in G2V and V2G modes
  • Conformance testing of charging systems.
  • Test and analysis communication protocol (PWM, PLC)
  • Analysis of pilot signal and its entire parameters
  • High accuracy measurement methods, developed especially for analysis of electrical signals described in IEC 61851-1
  • Testing and validation of energy management systems (EMS) for vehicle drivetrains.
  • Battery pack testing with standard drive cycles including the Battery in the loop (BiL)
  • Vehicle emulator including Vehicle in the loop (ViL)
  • Software in the loop (SiL) for drivetrains.

Are you interested in power electronics, electrical machines and automotive charging and want to do specific tests? Do you want to make use of our equipment? Or do you need consulting? Don’t hesitate to contact us!