Power electronics and machines

Driving your energy-efficient propulsion systems

From the integrated design and development of power electronics converters for electric and hybrid vehicles to the optimized energy management of emerging drivetrains. Our comprehensive knowledge of rechargeable energy storage systems, power electronics components and electric machines makes us your ideal partner when developing energy-efficient drivetrain systems.

Advanced power electronics for efficient drivetrains

Our designs are compact, cost-effective and highly efficient. We design integrated and modular converters that can be used for both charging systems and drive systems.

Our team has developed a co-design framework tool with multiple objectives such as efficiency, cost, power or energy density, reliability and thermal management concepts using accurate and scalable components’ models in our simulation platform, emerging technologies (SiC and GaN) and control strategies; resulting in efficient and compact drivetrain systems.

Additionally, we develop efficient, light-weight power electronics topologies for battery management systems that reduce battery cell balancing times by around 20%. At the same time, it minimizes inter-cell and inter-modular voltage differences. This results in improved battery performance and lifetime. Moreover, the optimal energy consumption at cell, module and pack levels significantly extend the range of electric vehicles.

Towards efficient e-mobility and grid integration, we develop both grid-to-vehicle (G2V) and vehicle-to-grid (V2G) concepts either conductively or wirelessly and for both on-board and off-board charging systems.

Co-design for power electronics system

Codesign optimization Framework for drivetrains

Drivetrain simulator

Electric machine control and testing

Our state-of-the-art test facilities are powered by 800kVA, which allows us a test capacity up to 300kW. This enables us to comprehensively characterize and test a wide range of electric machines. We apply highly advanced control algorithms and dynamic models to identify opportunities for improving control strategies and boosting the efficiency of your design under a wide variety of load conditions.

Strategic partnerships

Our unparalleled infrastructure, expertise and knowledge of all aspects of drivetrain testing, design and development have proven to be essential assets for a growing number of industry partners. MOBI is also part of Flanders Make, the strategic research centre for the manufacturing industry in Flanders, where MOBI is a Core Lab in Motion Products Cluster towards energy-efficient drivetrains.