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Prof. Dr. Joeri Van Mierlo: Simulation software for comparison and design of electric, hybrid electric and internal combustion vehicles with respect to energy, emissions and performances

PhD-Joeri-Van-Mierlo cover

The scope of this Ph.D. research is the comparative assessment to the real environmental impact of different traction systems based on available technologies. Therefore a computer simulation has been developed. This simulation tool is a modular, interactive programme, which is flexible in use, has a database structure allowing different types of data formats and is based on a powerful algorithm capable to simulate acceleration tests and a wide range of hybrid powerflow control strategies.

The programme enables the simulation of electric, hybrid and internal combustion vehicles. The comparison is realized at the level of consumption (fuel and electricity) and emissions (CO2, HC, NOx, CO, particles, etc.) as well as at the level of performances (acceleration, range, maximum slope, etc.).

The simulation tool is useful for a wide variety of users with different expertise, like: engineers, transport operators and suppliers, energy utilities and decision-makers. But mainly it is an engineering tool to evaluate different drivetrains and to optimize power management in hybrid vehicles in particular. It is a powerful tool to develop new concepts. The programme has a high degree of flexibility to be able to model any driveline structure and to allow the use of different data sources.

Based on experimental results, different components have been modelled, calibrated and validated. Finally a comparative assessment of the energy consumption and emissions of different vehicles as well as a comparative evaluation of different hybrid drivetrain topologies and powerflow algorithms have been carried out.

Promotor: Prof. Dr. Ir. Gaston Maggetto
Committee members: Alain Barel (VUB), Jean Vereecken (VUB), Philippe Lataire (VUB), M. Van Overmeire (VUB), H. Kahlen (Universität Kaiserslautern, Germany), R. Belmans (KULeuven), M.J. Beretta (PSA Peugeot-Citroën, France)