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Prof. dr. Omar Hegazy

+32 2 629 29 92


Prof. dr. ir. Omar Hegazy obtained his PhD degree in July 2012 (with the greatest distinction) from the Dept. of Electrical Machines and Energy Technology (ETEC), Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Belgium. Prof. Hegazy leads the power electronics and electrical machines (PEEM) team in MOBI Research Center and in ETEC Dept., where he coordinates the research work in this field in several national (i.e. VLAIO (ex. IWT), Innoviris) projects and European projects (such as SAFEDRIVE, UNPLUGGED, ELIPTIC, ORCA, ASSURED, HiFi-Elements, HiPerform, ACHILES, etc.). He is the author of more than 110 scientific publications and two patent applications. Furthermore, he is a member of IEEE, EPE, IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS), EARPA, EGVIA and IEC & BEC standards. Prof. Hegazy fields of interest include power electronics, electrical machines, electric and (plug-in) hybrid electric vehicles, Energy/power management strategies, modeling techniques and control systems, battery management systems (BMS), charging infrastructure with V2X strategies, (co-design) optimization techniques, smart local grid and renewable energy.


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