Tomas Ambra picture of tomas ambra - researcher at mobi

Prof. Dr. Tomas Ambra

+ 32 2 614 83 05


Tomas Ambra is a Senior Researcher and Project Leader at VUB-MOBI, and a visiting Professor at Hasselt University. His skills are linked to acquiring, managing, analyzing and mapping spatial data as well as simulating real-time dynamics of freight transport processes in geo-referenced environments. He obtained his PhD in Business Economics for his research titled “A Decision Support System for Synchromodal Transport and the Physical Internet”. He has developed the SYnchromodal Model for Belgian Inland Transport (SYMBIT) which is a computational model that combines features of geographic information systems, agent-based modelling and discrete event simulations.

Tomas received the 1st prize for cross-modality at TRAVISSIONS 2018 and has acquired grants such as the individual SB-FWO doctoral fellowships and the grant for Strategic Basic Research (cSBO). He currently coordinates the cSBO DISpATch project (Digital TwIn for SynchromodAl Transport). He is also involved in ETP-ALICE, the scientific committee of the International Physical Internet Conference, and acts as a member of the editorial board of Frontiers in Future Transportation.


Pleinlaan 2
1050 Brussels