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Renaissance 2nd webinar: 'Storage: the holy grail of energy transition'

The RENAISSANCE project is approaching its final phases and all their tools, solutions and overall approach have been validated and tested in pilot sites both at the European and at the global level.

The RENAISSANCE consortium is convinced that such tools and solutions can actually help people approaching the topic of collective self-consumption with practical tools and examples. To this aim partners are co-organising a series of online webinars focused on specific application examples.

The first online webinar named "Women as drivers in the energy transition sector" and organised by DUTH University already took place on the 23rd of June and now they are inviting you to participate to the second webinar concerning: "Storage: the holy grail of energy transition".

The webinar will take place on the 7th of July from 11:30 to 13:00 CEST.


The Holy Grail of Energy: How does Sunamp's thermal storage technology contribute to the renewable energies transition, energetic system optimisation and decarbonisation of DUTH's Kimmeria campus?

11:30 Welcome and tour table
11:35 Renaissance project introduction - Rebecca Hueting, Deep Blue Italy
11:45 The Holy Grail of Energy by 2050: Storage - Prof. Pantelis Botsaris, DUTH Department of Production Engineering and Management
11:55 The core of thermal storage and PCM - Tianyue Li, SUNAMP
12:05 Sunamp presentation and application of thermal storage and Kimmeria Pilot site explanation - Maurizio Zaglio, PhD SUNAMP
12:20 Questions & Answers
12:50 Wrap-up