Resistance is in the air – Etats Generaux de l’Air de Bruxelles

The first Etats Generaux de l’Air de Bruxelles, from April 25th until April 27th, is an event combining a research symposium, a hackathon and a citizens’ day. This three-day event aims to bring together the different actors that are striving for cleaner air, provide a platform for dialogue and collaboration, and discuss visions and solutions to achieve a healthier city.

Professor Bas de Geus is part of the organisation board and several researchers of the MOBI team will present during this event:

• Air pollution generated by freight transport vehicles in Brussels Metropolitan Region: a dynamic approach to measure the real impact
Koen Mommens, Nicolas Brusselaers, Tom van Lier and Cathy Macharis

• Citizens’ associations for air quality issues: from resistance to community empowerment in the LOOPER project
Massimiliano Condotta, Chiara Scanagatta, Imre Keseru, Jesse Pappers, Cathy Macharis