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Shipit realizes modal shift between Ghent and port Brussels

  • September 20, 2019

Multimodal operator Shipit started at the beginning of this year the Brussels Construction Consolidation Center (BCCC), a transshipment center along Havenlaan and Vergote dock in the harbor of Brussels. The project is running in collaboration with the Scientific and Technical Center for the Construction Company (WTCB), the VUB, Urbantz and the Brussels Construction Confederation.

Shipit's crane ship "Oorderdam" unloaded on September 17th  a first load of a thousand tons of street tiles in the port of Brussels. The tiles are supplied from the port of Ghent. This is a modal shift of around 10,000 tonnes a year.

By consolidating, Shipit can considerably reduce the number of empty kilometers and the number of truck movements. Building materials represent up to 30% of the freight traffic within 'the Brusselse Ring'.