Sustainable Energy Communities

The future of energy and mobility will bring us exciting and challenging transformations. At MOBI, we believe that the future energy system will be decarbonized, digitalized and decentralized. Mobility in the future will be electric, autonomous, shared and it will be part of an integrated multi-energy system.


With this future vision in mind, our researchers have gathered their expertise under the name of EVERGi. Its mission is to be the catalyst that brings interdisciplinary science together with industrial innovation to fully support the energy transition.

EVERGi has shaped its vision of a sustainable world in which sustainable energy communities empower the human population with a maximum level of well-being while respecting the limits of our planet and delivering affordable mobility and energy for all. This disruptive transition needs innovative technologies, business models and co-creation ecosystems.

EVERGi carries out research and delivers innovation support towards the design, optimization, evaluation and demonstration of complex multi-energy systems in all its aspects. To transform the inherent challenges into tangible solutions we have created together with the Green Energy Park a unique co-creation research platform in which the Vrije Universiteit Brussel wants to collaborate with all stakeholders. More about the Green Energy Park can be found on their website.

Enabling technologies and synergies

EVERGi focuses on developing holistic models that include all aspects of the energy and mobility sector for an integrated approach. Sustainable Energy Communities connect renewable energy generation with advanced multi-energy storage and prosumers.

EVERGi has special attention for the inclusion of key technologies to enable the energy transition, such as electric powertrains for vehicles, automation, bidirectional charging infrastructure, digitalization, Internet-of-Energy, artificial intelligence (machine learning) and cryptocurrency.

Expert tools & expertise

Specific expert tools are developed based on several years of interdisciplinary expertise in the field. This consists of forecasting supply and demand, the management of advanced energy storage, machine learning for state estimation of assets, the interaction of multi-energy vectors (heat, electricity, mobility, …) and self-learning algorithms.

Currently, EVERGi can count on core expertise tools for:

  • Design of Multi-Energy Systems (CAPEX, OPEX optimal multi-energy microgrid design, vehicle powertrain and advanced assets)
  • Demand/supply simulation and forecasting (big data forecasting and digital twins)
  • Operational energy intelligence & trading (AI for energy management, vehicle-to-grid scheduling, energy flow modelling and state estimations of assets)
  • Sustainability evaluation and business models (Life Cycle assessment, Levelised Cost of Energy, total cost of ownership)
  • Community engagement and replication
  • Real-time data monitoring & analytics