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Two years of INDIMO: 'Inclusive digital mobility solutions: an overview of INDIMO's users-centric redesign process'

The INDIMO project puts the needs of vulnerable transport users at the center of its action, aiming at extending the benefits of digital mobility solutions to everyone. To achieve this, the project adopts and approach based on the principles of co-creation and on the structured cooperation of users, developers, operators, and policymakers.

The second year public event of INDIMO titled: 'Inclusive digital mobility solutions: an overview of INDIMO's user-centric redesign process' will take place online on 25 March, from 10.00 to 11.30 CET, and will shed light on the results collected in the second year of the project, focusing on the implementation of the INDIMO tools and how the INDIMO pilots made use of them for redesigning a more inclusive and accessible service.

INDIMO project partners and special external invitees representing target-groups, policymakers, operators, sister projects, and developers of digital mobility services will participate in a panel session to discuss the process of desgning more inclusive and accessible digital mobility solutions.

Check the draft agenda here.

Stay tuned for updates on speakers!