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Vehicle power flow simulation platform

40+ years of expertise

Since the early 90s, MOBI’s involvement in optimizing new vehicle components and propulsion systems has resulted in the development of a highly advanced simulation platform.

This platform is based on multiphysics simulation techniques and allows for the detailed analysis of new power train concepts and their dynamic behaviour. As such, the tool can define energy-efficient and low-emission power control strategies in hybrid propulsion systems.

Modelling electric and hybrid propulsion systems

Our simulation tools are based on a profound knowledge of electrical components. As such, they facilitate the modelling of electric and hybrid propulsion systems in a wide variety of applications including cars, light and heavy vehicles, rail and industrial machines.

Our thorough knowledge of the real-life behaviour of powertrains and our simulation expertise has led to the development of accurate real-life range estimators specific for battery electric vehicles.

The Vehicle Simulation Tool

The Vehicle Simulation Tool is a modular user-friendly interactive program that simulates the behaviour of electric and internal combustion vehicles. The goal is to study power flows in drivetrains and corresponding component losses.

Next to that, it can also be used to compare different drivetrain topologies. This comparison can be realized at the level of performances and the level of consumption and emissions.
The Vehicle Simulation Tool has a flexible software design and a rather unique iteration algorithm. This allows for the use of different simulation methodologies, different database structures and route profile types. Furthermore, the tool allows for the evaluation of complex power management strategies in hybrid vehicles. A good correlation between measurements and simulation results are found.

Several European and national research programs have already benefitted from our Vehicle Simulation Tool; it might also be useful for you! Don't hesitate to contact us.