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VUB app allows cyclists to measure time wasted waiting for green lights

  • November 8, 2019

A VUB-led campaign has been launched in Ghent to find out how much time cyclists waste standing in front of red lights. Until 15 November, cyclists in Gent can use the Ist Al Gruun app to find out how much time they spend waiting for the light to turn green. Interested? The app is available for iOS and Android.

Although cycling is often the fastest and most sustainable way of moving through a city, traffic lights are not always adjusted to cyclists’ needs. In order to change this situation, the cycling NGO Fietsersbond wants to find out how much time cyclists in Ghent spend waiting for the light to turn green and which traffic lights have the longest waiting times. Fietsersbond has therefore participated in the FLAMENCOproject to develop the app that counts the cyclists’ waiting time. The collected data can be found on the project’s dashboard page.

This campaign is part of the FLAMENCO project, which allows citizens and NGOs to develop their own data collection apps without needing advanced ICT-knowledge or having to hire a costly app developer. Three research groups from the VUB are active in this project: the Mobility, Logistics and Automotive Technologies Research Centre; the Software Languages Lab; and Studies in Media, Innovation and Technology.